Wednesday, February 16, 2022

#MWC22 : Is FWA a Killer App for O-RAN?

Is Fixed Wireless Access a killer use case for O-RAN? Eugina Jordan, VP, Marketing at Parallel Wireless, shares her thoughts on fixed wireless access ahead of #MWC22.

O-RAN Alliance demos at MWC Barcelona

 O-RAN ALLIANCE will host 22 demos at the upcoming MWC Barcelona 2022 as well as 24 additional demos online at the O-RAN Virtual Exhibition. Here are highlights.Intelligent RAN control demosEricsson presents its approach to SMO as an enabler of automation and value creation in the context of open innovation with rApps. Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform provides multi-vendor and multi-technology support for RAN and empowers CSPs to accelerate...