Thursday, January 20, 2022

Keysight adds test for Time Sensitive Networking based on Avnu

Keysight Technologies added an integrated test package to the IxNetwork Ethernet test solution that enables manufacturers to ensure that chipsets and devices are in compliance with the Avnu Alliance base time sensitive networking (TSN) test plan for IEEE 802.1AS-2020, the standard for the transport of timing over local area networks.

The Avnu tests are designed for test programs that assess a product's conformance to specifications defined in the suite of standards known collectively as TSN and the basis for Avnu certification.

Keysight’s IxNetwork solution helps chipset and device manufacturers ensure their devices adhere to new TSN standards for silicon to deliver high-performing gear that interoperates with other standards-conforming devices on an Ethernet network. The TSN capabilities in IxNetwork are used to test and benchmark scenarios in the TSN ecosystem, which span across relevant IEEE standards. Each IxNetwork test port emulates hundreds of Ethernet endpoints with realistic behavior. Test scenarios are executed with the IxNetwork graphical user interface (GUI) or application programming interface (API) scripting to characterize performance bottlenecks and resiliency.

“Keysight’s compliance package, based on the latest Avnu TSN test plans, will help Avnu members and test houses advance the TSN ecosystem toward open interoperability,” said Gary Stuebing, vice president and chairman of Avnu Alliance. “These test plans encompass the base TSN compliance requirements to support many different applications and usages of TSN. As promoter members of Avnu and active working group contributors, Keysight experts were instrumental to this thorough collaborative effort.”

“Validation of TSN standards are increasingly important to ensure devices on Ethernet networks work together at the component level,” said Ram Periakaruppan, vice president and general manager, Keysight’s Network Test and Security Solutions group. “Keysight, as a member of Avnu Alliance, has played a key role in standardizing test methodologies for TSN. The addition of this test package to IxNetwork enables chipset and device manufacturers, across a range of markets, to deliver high quality interoperable devices to their customers.”