Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Snowflake cloud data revenues rise 110% to $334 million

Snowflake, which offers a cloud data platform, reported revenue of $334.4 million for its third quarter of 2021, representing 110% year-over-year growth. 

Product revenue, which is primarily derived from the consumption of compute, storage, and data transfer resources, for the quarter was $312.5 million, representing 110% year-over-year growth. Remaining performance obligations were $1.8 billion, representing 94% year-over-year growth. Net revenue retention rate was 173% as of October 31, 2021. The company now has 5,416 total customers and 148 customers with trailing 12-month product revenue greater than $1 million. See the section titled “Key Business Metrics” for definitions of product revenue, remaining performance obligations, net revenue retention rate, total customers, and customers with trailing 12-month product revenue greater than $1 million.

“Snowflake saw momentum accelerate in Q3, with product revenue growing 110% year-on-year to $312.5 million. Continued international expansion during the quarter resulted in product revenue from the EMEA and APJ regions up 174% and 219% year-on-year, respectively,” said Frank Slootman, Chairman and CEO, Snowflake. “Our vertical industry focus is an important evolution of our selling motion and Snowflake continues to see broad industry adoption.”