Monday, November 22, 2021

Telstra Wholesale expands Ethernet with network reconfiguration

Thanks to an architectural update, Telstra Wholesale is making Ethernet service available via most managed NTU (Network Termination Units) on the Telstra fibre network. For Ethernet Access over 50,000 additional devices are already in place. For Wholesale Business Internet over 30,000 additional devices are now in place. 

This enables Telstra Wholesale customers to now connect to a total of 110,000 business premises, with no extra infrastructure build required.

Glenn Osborne, Executive, Sales and Wholesale Segment, Telstra Wholesale said: “This new network configuration which we’re calling Unified Access unleashes the potential of our assets by extending access across Telstra’s entire network, making it easier and more cost effective for Wholesale customers to switch on more end user customers, fast and most often with no upfront charges.” 

The new capability also enables customers to move their services from one Wholesale product to another more seamlessly than ever before.

“If a customer wants another public internet solution - for example, for diversity to cloud access applications – we can now offer Wholesale Business Internet on the same device as Ethernet Access,” Mr Osborne said.

“In Telstra Wholesale we are extremely proud to deliver this cross-Telstra network reconfiguration program which enables more connected sites for our Wholesale customers instantly.”