Thursday, November 18, 2021

DZS forms reseller partnership with AMT

DZS announced a strategic sourcing partnership with Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT), a leading CATV and broadband electronic equipment value-added reseller. As part of the partnership, AMT will offer the full range of DZS Velocity and DZS Helix broadband connectivity solutions, including DZS FiberLAN enterprise solutions and XCelerate by DZS multi-gigabit broadband systems. Additionally, with both DZS and AMT having partnerships with Plume, the two companies will coordinate in bringing the right combinations of DZS Xperience, DZS Helix smart gateways, and other Plume-ready CPE for service providers and enterprises globally to deploy at scale next-generation customer experience offerings.

DZS said strategic partnership aims to mitigate near-term supply chain challenges and stimulate market-share capture of more than $100 billion in global government-sponsored broadband infrastructure initiatives.

“Unprecedented demand of faster broadband has now aligned with more than $100 billion of global government-sponsored broadband stimulus funds, such as the recently signed $65 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and $20 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund in the U.S., France’s $24 billion Tres Haut Debit Plan, Germany’s $14 billion BMVI broadband initiatives and the United Kingdom’s $7 billion Project Gigabit, to encourage communications service providers to accelerate their advanced fiber access and optical transport deployments plans,” said Charlie Vogt, CEO, DZS. “Our partnership with AMT will empower our mutual customers in the fiber access and enterprise/passive optical LAN market segments to have a wide variety of resources available to them as they meet this demand and leverage these funds to expand their networks, including more options when deploying DZS Xperience, our customer experience management and service delivery software-as-a-service solution designed for residential and business subscribers. These are exciting times for our industry, and we are thrilled to be partnering with AMT to turn this promise into reality.”

DZS perspective: America's $65 billion broadband investment's $65 billion investment in broadband will be a game changer for the entire industry, says Charlie Vogt, president and CEO of DZS. It represents an opportunity to move forward to 10G and 25G architecture. Here is his 1-minute perspecti...

DZS reports record orders, supply constraints, rising prices

DZS reported Q3 2021 revenue of $88.4 million, representing a sequential 6.9% increase, and a 5.9% decline compared with record revenue of $93.9 million reported in the third quarter of 2020. Adjusted Gross Margin was 36.8% and adjusted EBITDA was $5.1 million. DZS said order growth continued at an elevated pace, increasing 47% year-over-year to $124.5 million. Year-to-date orders reached $369.5 million. Some other highlights:Revenue from the...