Wednesday, October 20, 2021

ProLabs intros SFP+ 10G narrowband 9 channel tunable 40km transceivers

ProLabs introduced new SFP+ 10G DWDM narrowband 9 channel tunable 40km fiber transceivers for data centers and enterprise networks. The solution contains five tunable optics with the capability to tune to channels 20-28, 28-36, 36-44, 45-52, or 52-60, covering from 1561.42nm to 1531.12nm.

Network operators can tune these 10G DWDM 40km optics using the ProTune Coding & Tuning System or in-field autonomously. This reduces the need for 40 discrete part numbers and fixed wavelength specifications down to only 5 different 10G DWDM tunable transceivers.

"The flexibility offered by a tunable 10G DWDM transceiver addresses many operational challenges," said Ray Hagen, Global Product Line Manager at ProLabs. "A 10G tunable in the access network reduces sparing & inventory complexities, allowing for greater quantities of fewer parts on hand. This simplification of parts allows fix agents to fit as needed into any network segment and wavelength, improving performance in mean-time-to-repair."