Sunday, October 24, 2021

O-RAN Alliance advances Near-Real-Time and Non-Real Time RICs

The O-RAN Alliance released another set of nine technical specifications, including:

  • O-RAN Non-Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) Architecture
  • Near-Real-Time RIC and E2 Interface: Use Cases and Requirements v1.0
  • O-RAN E2 Service Model: RAN Control (E2SM-RC) v1.0
  • O-RAN O1 Interface specification for O-CU-UP and O-CU-CP towards the Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) framework
  • O-RAN Acceleration Abstraction Layer FEC Profiles
  • Infrastructure management services of the O2 interface
  • O-Cloud Notification API Specification for Event Consumers
  • O-RAN Xhaul Transport Testing Specification
  • O-RAN Security Requirements Specifications

The O-RAN Architecture has been extended with the Non-RT RIC and corresponding rApps, R1 interface, Non-RT RIC framework and SMO framework. There is a new concept of ‘anchored’ vs. ‘non-anchored’ functionality within the SMO and Non-RT RIC frameworks. The functionality of O-RAN Slicing has been elaborated with use cases, requirements and architecture. This includes addition of O-NSSI (O-RAN Network Slice Subnet Instance) modification procedure and the Annex on transport network slicing use cases and roadmap.

Another 39 technical documents bring extensions and new features to the existing specifications. 

A total of 77 companies have been participating in an O-RAN plugfest underway since summer 2021. 

In addition, 18 demos of O-RAN technology are planned for this week's MWC Los Angeles 2021.  These include:

Parallel Wireless demonstrates its Open RAN, ALL G - 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, O-RAN compliant software platform showcasing an open, secure, and intelligent RAN architecture to deliver wireless connectivity, enabling people to be connected whenever, wherever, and however they choose. Visit the demo at South 2505Ex.

VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN, powered by Dell EMC PowerEdge server and Intel FlexRAN, delivers flexibility to open RAN. The demo showcases the platform’s horizontal design and automation capabilities with 3 simple steps to deploy and programmatically provision the platform with Kubernetes to run Altiostar’s vRAN functions. Visit the demo at Booth 1210.

VMware demonstrates the power of VMware RIC SDKs, enabling its partners to accelerate the development of their xApp/rApp; creating a vibrant application ecosystem. We bring the intelligence and innovation to the RAN faster. Visit the demo at Booth 1210.

Northeastern University showcases how Colosseum can be used to (i) instantiate a fully programmable end-to-end network controlled by O-RAN-compliant near-real-time RIC; (ii) collect performance datasets from the RAN, and (iii) implement AI-based control of the RAN through xApps and programmable software stacks. Visit the demo at Booth 1444.

Cohere Technologies and VMware demonstrate how Cohere’s 5G MU-MIMO Spectrum Multiplier xApp running on VMware RIC controls multiple UEs simultaneously in the same time and frequency slots to drastically boost capacity. Visit us to learn how we successfully demonstrated these technologies to a major European operator. Visit the demo at Booth 1210.