Thursday, October 28, 2021

Intel demos Xeon + Tofino switch + Mount Evans IPU

As part of the Intel Innovation event this week, Intel demonstrated an Intelligent Fabric based on its Xeon Scalable processors and next-generation Xeon D processors, Tofino 3 programmable switching silicon and new "Mount Evans" infrastructure processing unit (IPU). 

The idea is to leverage P4 programming across all 3 processing platforms for use cases such as near real-time telemetry and analytics with the Intel Deep Insight Network Analytics software.

The Intel Tofino 3 intelligent fabric processor is fully P4-programmable and is supported by a suite of development and network-monitoring tools, including Intel P4 Studio and Intel Deep Insight Network Analytics Software, which provides increased visibility and control, simplifies integration of container-based micro-services, and paves the way to more secure and self-healing cloud fabric.