Monday, October 25, 2021

Deutsche Telekom tests the L4S protocol to optimize cloud gaming

Deutsche Telekom (DT) and Ericsson are testing how Low Latency Low Loss Scalable throughput technology (L4S) significantly reduces lag in an interactive cloud-based video game.

The L4S protocol, which is being standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),  provides high throughput and low latency for IP traffic, resulting in improved, fast rate adaption management, and reduced network congestion, queuing and packet loss. L4S relies on ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification) in the IP header to indicate queue build-up in the radio access network to the application. The congestion signals are then managed at the sender and receiver side thanks to scalable congestion control algorithms. In turn, the technology signals to the application server to adjust the application bit rate to meet the capacity of the established communication link. As a result, L4S is effective in delivering a seamless user experience even with variable traffic load and radio conditions.