Monday, September 13, 2021

II‐VI and Lumentum form SmartTuning Optics MSA

II‐VI and Lumentum are founding members of a new SmartTuning Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) that aims to standardize an interoperable self-tuning feature for full-band tunable dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) pluggable optical transceivers. 

The companies say that incorporating a plug-and-play, self-tunable feature adds an extra layer of automation which further simplifies network installation and operation practices. Self-tunable DWDM pluggables eliminate the need for labeling or tracking fibers, reducing the overall operational cost for service providers. Additionally, the self-tuning functionality does not require new integration–within systems, the function can be enabled or disabled. 

"With the SmartTuning MSA, 5G mobile service providers will be able to better optimize their network architectures with easy-to-integrate, cost-effective, and automated optical networking solutions," said Justin Abbott, Lumentum Director of Product Line Management, Telecom Transmission. "This development should also accelerate the expansion of 5G network infrastructure by enabling more network automation, which results in less technician time in the field and lower ongoing network operating costs."

"The algorithms developed by the SmartTunable MSA will improve OpEx and CapEx for our end users by simplifying the deployment of their systems, reducing technician time in the field, and eliminating the need for tuning equipment,” said Dr. Lee Xu, Sr. Vice President, Transceivers Business Unit. “Our customers will greatly appreciate the efficiency and streamlined operations achieved through this standardization effort, as they ramp-up DWDM system deployments to support high speed wireline and 5G wireless broadband services.”