Sunday, June 13, 2021

Furukawa develops light sources for SUPER C-band and SUPER L-band

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. announced new laser light source products for SUPER C-band and SUPER L-band optical transmission, including a new wide tuning range micro-ITLA (Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly) and pump laser diode modules for Raman amplifiers with the expanded wavelength range.

Furukawa Electric developed the micro-ITLAs and Raman pump laser diode modules for wider wavelength range using its lower loss waveguide technology by optimizing designs based on its crystal growth and precision semiconductor processing expertise.

The wavelength range of the new micro-ITLA has been expanded from 96 to 120 channels for 50 GHz spacing. The available bandwidth has expanded from the conventional C-band: 191.300 - 196.100 THz (4.8 THz width) to Super C-band: 190.675 - 196.675 THz (6 THz width). In the same way it will also be possible to expand bandwidth from the conventional L-band: 186.350 - 190.700 THz (4.35 THz width) to Super L-band: 184.350 - 190.500 THz (6.15 THz width).

For the new pump laser diode modules, the wavelength range has been expanded for 400/500/600 mW products from 1420 - 1510 nm to 1330 - 1520 nm.