Sunday, May 2, 2021

Swisscom picks Cisco for IP network transformation

Swisscom has selected Cisco as its preferred supplier for a five-year IP network transformation project.

As a legacy of the past, Swisscom's current networking landscape is complex and heterogenous, and the service provider currently operates more than 10 IP networks. As part of Swisscom's “Network Vision 2030+”, Cisco has been chosen as the preferred supplier to simplify this complex conglomerate and consolidate the different networks into one.

“This last year has highlighted the criticality of a strong network. Whether it’s business adopting a hybrid-working model, kids learning online, or families communicating with loved ones across the world. It’s essential that our customers have a high-performance network they can rely on to keep them connected,” said Christoph Aeschlimann, CIO and CTO of Swisscom. “Simplifying our complex, legacy network with Cisco will allow us to meet the demands of the future of the internet efficiently, securely, and with massive-scale.”