Sunday, April 25, 2021

Fujikura demos vehicle-to-infrastructure over 60 GHz millimeter-wave

Fujikura has demonstrated high-speed vehicle-to-infrastructure communication using an electric pole and in-house developed 60 GHz millimeter-wave wireless communication modules.

The demonstration, which was conducted in March in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, confirmed the effectiveness of the safe driving support system for local bus services by vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

In this demonstration, Fujikura installed a communication device equipped with the module on both electric poles and a local bus to establish a wideband wireless connection between the two. The module has successfully uploaded in-vehicle camera images in real time and also  transmitted the GNSS (global navigation satellite system) correction data necessary for high-precision vehicle positioning.

In addition, the module achieved a speed >2Gbps over a distance of >500m.

Other participants in the test included Kansai Transmission and Distribution, KYOCERA, Shinki bus Co., Panasonic System Networks R&D Lab, and Magellan Systems Japan.