Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Equinix expands on ramps to Microsoft Azure

Equinix is expanding private network access to Microsoft Azure in six new global markets, including Berlin, Bogot√°, Canberra, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro and Seoul. 

The expanded Azure ExpressRoute service provides enterprises with direct, on-demand network access to a variety of Azure services, including Azure VMware Solution.

With this expansion, private cloud on-ramps to Azure ExpressRoute are now available in 32 Equinix metros.

Azure VMware Solution is available via Platform Equinix in 10 global Azure regions . The hybrid cloud solution can be accessed directly in Equinix IBX data centers located in Amsterdam, Chicago, Dublin, London, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C. via Equinix Fabric. 

Equinix Fabric is a software-defined interconnection service that allows any business to connect between its own distributed infrastructure and to any other company's infrastructure on Platform Equinix. When combined with Azure ExpressRoute, Equinix Fabric enables seamless, on-demand, direct access to cloud services such as Azure.

Maura Hameroff, Director of Product Marketing for Azure, Microsoft, states: "By providing ExpressRoute connectivity to Microsoft Azure in more than 30 markets around the world, Equinix enables customers to adopt Azure VMWare Solution for migration, disaster recovery and hybrid scenarios. As Microsoft continues to deploy Azure VMware Solution globally, we are pleased to have Equinix as one of our partners that can provide dedicated access to these services through their network of data centers and global interconnection platform."