Thursday, March 4, 2021

T-Mobile US launches 5G-powered business services

 T-Mobile US introduced three business services powered by its national 5G network.

The new T-Mobile WFX includes: 

  • T-Mobile Enterprise Unlimited, wireless plans with unlimited 5G on T-Mobile’s network for the same price as pooled rate plans from competitors 
  • T-Mobile Home Office Internet, home broadband delivered over the 5G network. The service uses a dedicated router that prioritizes access to employee devices and filters non-business content. At launch, T-Mobile Home Office Internet will cover more than 60 million households, close to half of all homes in America, with plans to cover more than 90 million households by 2025.
  • T-Mobile Collaborate, a suite of mobile-first, cloud-based tools for business calling, messaging and conferencing from virtually any device, anywhere. The cloud-based service can replace legacy PBX systems. A built-in AI assistant to take notes and follow up on action items. It also offers built-in integration with leading workplace apps including Microsoft 365. T-Mobile Collaborate is powered by Dialpad.

“The pandemic pushed the fast forward button on the future of work, giving us a decade’s worth of progress in a year’s time. And it’s clear that work will never be the same,” said Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO. “Tomorrow’s workplace won’t be anything like the old work from office (WFO) world, and it won’t be like today’s work from home (WFH) world. It’ll be something new: the work from anywhere (WFX) world. And T-Mobile WFX and our 5G network arrive at the right time to help businesses meet this moment head on … and come out the other side stronger.”

“The old Carriers are still using their 91% market share to feed business and government a very expensive starvation diet of old technologies, old plans and hidden fees,” said Mike Katz, executive vice president of T-Mobile for Business. “With T-Mobile WFX a 5G network that is faster and covers more area than AT&T and Verizon, we’re on a mission to loosen the Carriers’ death grip on enterprise customers, so we’re bringing that same disruptive, customer-first approach that made the Un-carrier the fastest-growing, most-loved consumer wireless company over the past seven years and counting.”