Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Fungible Data Centers - a deep dive discussion

The networking industry has been on an evolutionary path from monolithic systems toward open, disaggregated and virtualized infrastructure.  Here, we feature a deep dive discussion on the Fungible Data Center architecture with Srinidhi Varadarajan, SVP Solutions at Fungible, and Pardha Pyla, VP Product Solutions & Design at Fungible.


Q&A Topics

04:33 - Fungible has a very audacious vision. How are you doing this?

06:22 - There is no shortage of innovation for data center software, but Fungible’s starting point is its DPU. What is special about it?

08:31 - Where does the DPU fit?

11:02 - Is True Fabric proprietary? Do I need special switches to make it work? Why TCP?

12:17 - What exactly are you announcing?

12:46 - What problems does the Fungible Data Center solve?

15:10 - How does the FDC address these challenges?

16:31 - Not everyone is familiar with bare metal composition. Can you elaborate on how that is different from virtualization? 

18:17 - Do you consider the FDC a form or composable, disaggregated architecture?

22:25 - Are the benefits of the FDC similar to virtualization? 

23:42 - Who are the target customers for the Fungible Data Center?

24:44 - How does the FDC enter the market without having customers start from scratch? What is the insertion point for cloud data centers or telco data centers?

27:13 - Are there any cloud or telco workloads in particular that are especially well-suited for this architecture?

28:05 - What is the insertion point opportunity for enterprise data centers?

31:05 - How does Fungible address the high-performance compute (HPC) opportunity? What is the insertion point for AI and ML data center architecture?

 32:53 -  Let’s talk about the software side of the FDC solution. What are the unique innovations behind the Fungible Data Center Composer?

 35:11 - Clearly Fungible is not stopping here. What comes next? What about optimizing GPUs and memory?