Thursday, March 4, 2021

Australia's VicTrack deploys ADVA FSP 3000 for rail transport

VicTrack has deployed the ADVA FSP 3000 for a new Transport and Government Secure Network (TGSN) serving the state of Victoria.

The flexible and fully redundant ROADM network enables railway operators to harness next-generation signaling technologies and provides high-speed connectivity for government agencies.  VicTrack will also be able to offer highly reliable and cost-efficient wholesale services at 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps. 

Built on ADVA’s FSP 3000 platform, VicTrack’s TGSN is initially a 45-node meshed architecture with links across metro and regional Victoria. Featuring 96 channel filters, the new infrastructure provides a flexible mix of 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps services as well as any-to-any connectivity for seamless, simple and secure communication.

“Upgrading our backbone network with ADVA’s FSP 3000 technology enables us to keep pace with Victoria’s growing transport needs. Our new high-capacity infrastructure empowers us to support mission-critical rail operations, including operational communications, signaling, and video surveillance. And, with so much extra capacity, we can now offer carrier-grade wholesale services to other service providers,” said Andrew Peel, group manager commercial, telecommunications group, VicTrack. “We’re also excited by the platform’s inbuilt scalability. With a solution ready to expand to 600 Gbps, we can plan to exploit new network technologies as they become available and expand services according to demand. Our customers and stakeholders will reap the benefits of this next-gen optical network for many years to come.”

“With the scale and openness of our FSP 3000 solution, VicTrack can be confident that it will have a highly efficient and secure transport system ready for emerging challenges and technologies for many years to come. The new TGSN network will provide vital opportunities for rail operators, government agencies and businesses across the state of Victoria. With its speed, flexibility and increased reliability, it will enable users to find new efficiencies and leverage the latest innovation,” commented Erik Lindberg, VP, sales, APAC, ADVA. “Throughout this deployment, we’ve given VicTrack’s team our close support. And, by taking advantage of our professional services, they’re ensuring that their stakeholders receive consistent quality of experience with a network running at peak performance all along its lifecycle.”