Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Aruba ties its Edge Services Platform to Microsoft Azure

Aruba introduced a service that enables IoT devices connected to Aruba access points (APs) and controllers to bi-directionally communicate with Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub. 

The Aruba IoT Transport for Azure service seamlessly enables the secure, bi-directional movement of data from IoT devices connected to Aruba APs and controllers, eliminating the need for an intermediate gateway, server, or application, thus reducing processing latency.

“Edge networking and IoT have had a profoundly positive impact on businesses, however, their recent convergence has surfaced interoperability challenges across platforms, applications, and systems,” said Michael Tennefoss, vice president of IoT and Strategic Partnerships at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. “Simplifying the integration of edge IoT and cloud services using the advanced cloud capabilities of Aruba ESP with the extensibility and power of Microsoft Azure overcomes these challenges. And it does so without sacrificing security, manageability, or reliability. The ubiquity of Azure, and its 99.99 percent regional availability, makes the solution attractive to customers worldwide that want better informed decisions and continuous process improvements.”

In addition, Aruba announced the introduction of the Aruba Central cloud management platform hosted on Azure, bringing Aruba’s enterprise-grade cloud networking solution, with more than 1 million devices already under management, to Azure.