Sunday, February 21, 2021

Google Cloud improves VMware Engine for migrating from on-premise to cloud

Google Cloud released a series of improvements to its VMware Engine, which lets user migrate  VMware workloads from on-premises data centers directly into Google Cloud. New features include:

  • Improved networking support: Multi-region networking, connectivity from multiple VPCs, Cloud DNS for management across global deployments, end-to-end dynamic routing, and support for reserved blocks as well as non-private addresses.
  • Improved scalability and support for the VMware platform: vSphere/vSAN version 7.0 and NSX-T 3.0, larger clusters, HCX migration support, ESXi host configuration retention, and enhanced password management.
  • Improved reach: regional presence in two new regions: Montreal and São Paulo

Regarding the multi-region networking, Google Cloud enables VMware environments deployed in multiple geographies to communicate without first building a VPN-based tunnel over the WAN to ensure uniform network addressing. Google Cloud solves this problem in a unique way. VPCs support global routing, which allows a VPC’s subnets to be deployed in any region worldwide. VMware Engine now also supports this capability.