Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Arista completes 400G ZR testing over Microsoft's testbed

Arista Networks completed interoperability testing between multiple 400G ZR suppliers over Microsoft’s 120km open line system testbed. 

Arista said the multi-vendor testing sets the foundation for a healthy, interoperable, coherent optics ecosystem. 

Hacene Chaouch, Distinguished Engineer at Arista Networks commented, "We are very pleased with the demonstrated performance of the 400G ZR transceiver modules. Being able to seamlessly support modules from multiple 400G-ZR vendors on our standard routing platforms constitutes a significant advancement in the DCI space."

Jamie Gaudette, Principal Engineering Manager of Microsoft’s Backbone Network said, “We are pleased with the progress on 400G ZR. Thanks to our collaboration with OIF, we’ve achieved multi-vendor interoperation and cost effective 400G transport, allowing Microsoft to offer more bandwidth to our customers and accelerate our datacenter expansion.”