Wednesday, February 10, 2021

América Móvil looks to sell its tower business

América Móvil announced plans to sell its telecommunications towers and other related passive infrastructure in Latin American countries where it currently operates. The sale process is just beginning and a buyer has not yet been found.

América Móvil said the divestiture will maximize the infrastructure’s value, as the resulting entities will be independent from AMX, with their own management and personnel, exclusively focused on developing, building, and sharing telecommunications towers for wireless services.

Separately, América Móvil reported Q4 2020 revenues of 255 billion pesos were down 3.1% in Mexican peso terms from the year-earlier quarter with equipment revenues falling 9.4% and

service revenues that were almost flat from a year before. The company added 6.8 million wireless subscribers in the quarter, twice as many as in the precedent quarter. They included 2.7 million mobile postpaid subscribers of which almost two million subs came from Brazil, 223 thousand from Peru and 201 thousand from Colombia. In the prepaid segment, the company gained 4.0 million clients, with Brazil and Mexico adding 1.2 million subs each.