Thursday, February 25, 2021

Akraino Release 4 extends Kubernetes to more edge use cases

LF Edge announced the availability of Akraino Release 4 featuring additional blueprints that support various deployments of Kubernetes across the edge, from Industrial IoT, to Public Cloud, Telco, and Machine Learning (ML). 

Akraino delivers an open source software stack for edge computing systems and applications. New use cases and new and existing blueprints provide an edge stack for Industrial Edge, Public Cloud Edge Interface, Federated ML, KubeEdge, Private LTE/5G, SmartDevice Edge, Connected Vehicle, AR/VR, AI at the Edge, Android Cloud Native, SmartNICs, Telco Core and Open-RAN, NFV, IOT, SD-WAN, SDN, MEC, etc.

Akraino R4 includes seven new blueprints for a total of 25+, all tested and validated on real hardware labs supported by users and community members, and API map.

The 25+ “ready and proven” blueprints include both updates and long-term support to existing R1, R2, and R3 blueprints, and the introduction of seven new blueprints:

  • Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI)
  • Private LTE/5G ICN
  • The AI Edge: Federated Machine Learning (ML) at Edge
  • The AI Edge: Intelligent Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperation System(I-VICS)
  • IoT Workloads at the Smart Device Edge – Predictive Maintenance (with a Thermal Imaging Camera, vibration sensors, etc.)
  • KubeEdge Service
  • Kubernetes Native Infrastructure (KNI) for Industrial Edge

“Now on its fourth release, Akraino is a fully-functioning open edge stack,” said Arpit Joshipura, general manager, Networking, Edge and IoT, the Linux Foundation. “This latest release brings new blueprints that focus on Kubernetes-enablement across edges, as well as enhancements to other areas like connected cars, ML, telco and more. This is the power of open source in action and I am eager to see even more use cases of blueprint deployments.”