Tuesday, December 8, 2020

U.S. Senate confirms Nathan Simington to FCC

The U.S. Senate 49-46 to confirm Nathan Simington to a seat on the Federal Communications Commission. He takes the seat previously occupied by Republican Mike O’Rielly. With Republican Ajit Pai leaving as well, the FCC will be split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, until President-elect Biden chooses a new chairman. 

Simington currently serves at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration as a Senior Advisor in the office of Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information.

Outgoing FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stated “I congratulate Nathan on his confirmation by the U.S. Senate and look forward to welcoming him to the Commission.  It has been the greatest honor of my professional life to serve at the FCC, and I am confident that Nathan too will enjoy the challenges and rewards of the job."