Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Inphi samples 100G PAM4 DSP

Inphi introduced its new Alcor PAM4 DSP platform to accelerate the industry’s transition from 25G to 100G per wavelength. 

The new Alcor platform, which is based on Inphi’s Porrima PAM4 DSP platform, includes Inphi’s PAM4 DSP technology, Linear TIA and Driver to provide even higher levels of integration and lower power for high-performance hyperscale data center, cloud computing and emerging AI applications. It offers an enhanced feature set with integrated 56Gbaud laser drivers that enable less than 3.5W QSFP28, DSFP and SFP-DD optical modules. The new PAM4 DSP also offers integrated driver options to address a broad range of implementations for optical interconnects.

Alcor 100G PAM4 DSP Key Features:

  • Low power consumption enables less than 3.5W 100G, 2x50G or 4x25G optical modules
  • Integrated 56Gbaud laser drivers with direct-drive capability reduces module BOM cost
  • Integrated oscillator minimizes BOM cost
  • Advanced telemetry and diagnostics improve link performance and health monitoring
  • Seamless firmware transition with compatible API software suite accelerates time to market

IN566x Linear TIA:

The IN5661TA is a 56GBaud low-power single/quad linear TIA for PAM4 optical modules used in data centers. Key features include:

  • Wide dynamic range to meet varying performance and link requirements for optical applications
  • Adjustable gain to optimize PAM4 system performance
  • Excellent signal integrity necessary for PAM4 modulation schemes
  • Low power and small form factor design

“Inphi’s execution and delivery of the Alcor PAM4 DSP with integrated driver, furthers our market leadership position, addressing an ever growing SAM, as NRZ based solutions accelerate migration to PAM4,” said Eric Hayes, senior VP, Networking Interconnect at Inphi. “The integration, low power, and advanced telemetry of Alcor will accelerate creation and adoption of PAM4 based 100G DR optical modules, continuing to grow Inphi’s already vast ecosystem to even more partners.”