Sunday, November 1, 2020

Singapore's Research and Education Network deploys Ciena

Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network (SingAREN) has deployed Ciena's  6500 packet-optical platform to support dynamic re-routing of wavelengths as needed, along with Layer 0 control plane for self-healing capabilities. 

Ciena says the WaveLogicAi coherent optics in the 6500 platform doubles throughput speeds versus previous technology generations, and its programmability offers optimal capacity for any path across the network from 100G to 400G through 50G increments. SingAREN is also leveraging Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller to improve network visibility and expedite optical management and operations.

Together with Terrabit Networks, which designed and implemented the network, Ciena has transformed SingAREN’s architecture to a mesh network that can more easily recover from fiber failures and provide uninterrupted services for research and education initiatives. 

“Singapore is a regional hub that pushes the frontier of data-driven science and technology. It is mission critical that our network provides sufficient bandwidth and seamless connectivity to the research and education community. Ciena’s industry-leading optical technology equips SingAREN with a network that can withstand connectivity demands as they emerge,” states Lawrence Wong, President, SingAREN.