Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Deutsche Telekom to open fiber network to Telefónica Deutschland

Deutsche Telekom reached a milestone FTTH network sharing agreement with Telefónica Deutschland.

Under the ten-year contract, the companies are to extend their long-standing fixed line network collaboration to include Deutsche Telekom's fiber-optic network and new FTTH builds. Since 2013, Telefónica has been purchasing fiber-optic network-based copper lines (VDSL/vectoring) from Deutsche Telekom as part of a contingent contract that Telefónica then markets to its end customers. 

This is the first time that Deutsche Telekom will provide its partner with FTTH with download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. 

Telekom Deutschland CEO Dirk Wössner stated: “This is a pioneering deal for the buildout of the fiber-optic infrastructure in Germany for the next decade, based on a voluntary commercial agreement between two large market players from which many people and companies in Germany will benefit. Deutsche Telekom stands for open networks and cooperations. And we are emphasizing this with this wide-reaching cooperation agreement. This contract will secure the utilization of our broadband network. And we will receive financial resources that we will re-invest in our networks.”

"The long-term cooperation with Deutsche Telekom gives us planning security. In future, we will be able to offer our O2 customers access to the fiber optic network, especially in large cities. On this basis we can offer our customers first-class convergent products", explains Markus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Germany / O2.