Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Acacia samples 100G coherent DWDM module in QSFP-DD

Acacia Communications has begun sampling a new 100G coherent DWDM pluggable aimed at edge and access applications. 

The new 100G coherent DWDM module , which is offered in the QSFP-DD form factor, is designed to provide scalable traffic aggregation. It also provides an upgrade path to migrate from existing 10G WDM networks to higher-performing 100G DWDM coherent links for new architectures in access networks, such as cable/fiber deep and 5G wireless X-haul applications.

The company said its 3D Siliconization approach, based on silicon photonics, will enable it to achieve high-volume manufacturing with this product. In addition, Acacia’s pluggable coherent solutions in QSFP-DD were designed to enable network scalability to 200G and 400G versions in the future. 

“As with our recently announced 100G point-to-point solutions, Acacia is working to satisfy the requirements of service provider edge and access applications with coherent solutions designed for this market,” said Anuj Malik, Director of Product Management at Acacia Communications. “The benefits of coherent have been demonstrated in the metro, long-haul and submarine markets and, with these new products, Acacia is looking to deliver the same scalability, operational simplicity and improved total cost of ownership to the edge and access space.”

“The edge of the network is evolving, and we’re bringing new solutions to market designed to provide scale and ease of use for new applications around IoT and edge computing,” said Jörg-Peter Elbers, Senior Vice President of Advanced Technology, ADVA. “As service providers upgrade their access and aggregation infrastructure, it is only a matter of time before coherent technologies make inroads in this space. Acacia has been a leading provider of pluggable coherent optics and their latest innovation provides interesting possibilities.”