Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Netcracker advances Turkcell's OSS transformation project

Turkcell completed the next phase of its OSS transformation as part of an ongoing engagement leveraging Netcracker’s Digital OSS solutions. This most recent phase encompasses several new enhancements, such as network inventory management, migration of network resources for residential customer services from legacy inventory management systems as well as auto-discovery and reconciliation. It also includes the creation of a joint delivery team to implement change requests based on network improvement and growth using Agile methodology.

Previously, Netcracker worked with Turkcell to deploy IP/MPLS networks, broadband aggregation networks and GPONs across physical and service layers while enabling FTTB (fiber-to-the-building) network deployment and CRM integration.

“Both our business operations and the end customer will greatly benefit from the latest deployment phase,” said Kerem Kiziltunc, Director at Turkcell. “Our investments in a new user interface and streamlined service fulfillment process will allow us to decommission legacy systems faster. This also expands on our long-standing alliance with Netcracker, which gives Turkcell consolidated management of our network and provides us with the tools to be successful as we go down the path of advanced mobile networks and new digital services.”

“Turkcell is a pioneer in the mobile space, and we are honored to play a critical part in their move towards 5G and the advanced services it will enable,” said Yaniv Zilberman, Vice President of Sales, Europe, at Netcracker. “We value our ongoing partnership with Turkcell and look forward to their continued success.”