Tuesday, September 8, 2020

MACOM demos optical product set

At this week's China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) 2020 event in Shenzhen, MACOM is demonstrating its latest optical innovations:

10G Combo Passive Optical Network (PON) OLT Chipset - this demonstration will showcase MACOM’s 10G OLT product performance for XGS-Combo PON OLT applications. Featuring MACOM’s new MALD-02186 Combo Chip, MATA-02239 TIA and APD10B/ES APD, the demonstration will showcase best-in-class burst mode timing and receiver sensitivity.

2km 5G Front Haul Link Demo - this demonstration will showcase MACOM’s new Fabry-Perot (FP) laser along with a MACOM 25 Gbps Multi-Rate Dual CDR with DML laser driver and TIA, for distances up to 2 kilometers. The demonstration highlights the robust performance of the 25Gbps link based on MACOM’s 25G FP laser, laser driver/CDRs and TIA over a wide temperature range.

10km 5G Optical Link Demo -this demonstration showcases MACOM’s new 25G laser technology for 5G front haul and mid haul applications including CWDM6, BiDi, MWDM12 and LWDM12. It includes MACOM’s new 25G laser family with a 25 Gbps Multi-Rate Dual CDR with DML laser driver and TIA.

50G PAM4 5G Mid-Haul Optical Link Demo - this demonstration showcases a 5G wireless mid-haul link over 10 kilometers of fiber with 50Gb/s PAM4 DSP technology, Ethernet security and a DML laser. It features a full suite of MACOM ICs including the PRISM-50 DSP, a high-speed laser, a 56Gbps TIA and a 256Gbps PIN photodetector enabling a complete end-to-end optical link. MACOM’s ES200 MACSec PHY is used to source a 50GE traffic stream, with forward error correction and Ethernet security during the live demonstration.

Datacenter, 200G/400G Analog Chipset Solution - this demonstration highlights MACOM’s high-speed analog ‘4-device chipset’ in end-customer modules that are compliant with the recently released 200/400Gbps Open Eye MSA standards for multimode applications. The chipset will include MACOM’s driver, TIA, and transmit and receive CDRs. It will feature a complete active optical cable solution as well as an evaluation board showcasing performance over 100 meters of multimode fiber.