Sunday, September 27, 2020

GSA: Over 5.5 billion LTE subscriptions in service

 As the end of Q2 2020 there were 5.55 billion LTE subscriptions worldwide, according to the latest data from Omdia and the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), accounting for 60.4% of all global mobile subscriptions.

Nearly 800 million LTE subscriptions were added in the preceding 12 months, representing a 16.7% YoY growth.

Some additional highlights from GSA:

  • 5G subscriptions doubled in the second quarter of 2020 to reach at least 137.7 million globally (representing 1.5% of the entire global mobile market).
  • There will be nearly 10.30 billion mobile subscriptions by the end of 2025.
  • LTE is expected to reach its peak point in terms of technology market share at the end of 2021 (at 63.3%), and to reach its peak point in terms of subscriber numbers at the end of 2022 (at 6.07 billion subscribers).
  • From 2023 the LTE market is forecast to start to decline slowly, as customers migrate to 5G.
  • Between end 2020 and end 2025, the share of the market represented by GSM subscriptions will fall from 15.1% to 5.6%, and the share represented by W-CDMA will decline from 19.4% to 11.3%.
  • By the end of 2025, 5G will account for nearly 30% of the global market (at 3.03 billion subscriptions), although LTE will still be dominant at 53.5% of all global mobile subscriptions.