Friday, September 18, 2020

Deutsche Telekom to deactivate 3G on 30-June-2021

Deutsche Telekom will deactivate its 3G network in Germany on 30-June-2021.

The carrier said it is updating all remaining 3G tariffs and contracts for smooth transition by the cutoff date. Almost all contracts are already activated for the use of 4G/LTE. After 3G is switched off, calls are made either via 2G or in the 4G network via VoLTE. The 2G network has a population coverage of more than 99 percent.

"The 3G switch-off next summer will enable us to further improve our network," says Dirk Wössner, Telekom Deutschland CEO. "We are using the 3G frequency spectrum that is becoming available for the most modern technologies. We want LTE for everyone and we are building Germany's largest 5G network".