Monday, August 17, 2020

Megaport Virtual Edge leverages SD-WAN

Megaport introduced a Virtual Edge service that enables the hosting of Network Function Virtualization (NFV), such as SD-WAN capabilities, directly on the Megaport global Software Defined Network (SDN).

The Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) allows customers will tap into Megaport’s extensive platform reach to deploy and extend their network functions closer to the edge, in real time, and without the need to deploy hardware. MVE includes gateway functionality to connect with Megaport’s SDN in a platform-neutral and technology-agnostic manner. Once connected, SD-WAN enabled locations can provision on demand connections to Megaport’s ecosystem of cloud, IT service providers, and more than 700 enabled data centers.

Cisco SD-WAN is the first use case on MVE.

“As enterprises and service providers begin to fully understand the benefits of SD-WAN, the ability for Megaport customers to easily, and in minutes, ‘spin up’ SD-WAN virtual appliances around the world on our platform is a big enabler for global organisations,” said Vincent English, CEO of Megaport. “Having these virtual appliances fully integrated into the Megaport Interconnection Platform leveraging our multicloud connectivity takes this to another level.”

SD-WAN on MVE Highlights:

  • IP-enabled connections to Megaport’s industry-first elastic interconnection platform.
  • Bring your own SD-WAN license.
  • Highly-distributed for localized connections.
  • Point-and-click network provisioning to support interconnection between branch locations, data centers, cloud providers, and IT services.
  • Real-time provisioning of virtual network infrastructure and interconnections.
  • No hardware to ship, install, or manage.
  • Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) consumption model.
  • Unified end-to-end network provisioning and management to transform legacy networks.
  • Secure, multicloud connections to more than 360 service providers and 700+ enabled data centers.

“The development of Megaport Virtual Edge marks a transformation point for Megaport,” said Bevan Slattery, Founder and Chairman of Megaport. “By creating a platform that will bridge various network access types directly to Megaport’s SDN, we have effectively made it possible to connect to our leading ecosystem of service providers and data centres from anywhere in the world. This will  put the power of elastic interconnection in the hands of more businesses around the globe. We are excited to work with Cisco to integrate their SD-WAN services on MVE so customers can gain full control over how they connect to the vital services that power their business.”