Wednesday, August 12, 2020

China Mobile tests SRv6 optimization with ZTE

ZTE completed a forwarding-plane multi-vendor interoperability test of an SRv6 header compression optimization solution in partnership with China Mobile.

The SRv6 optimization solution is an improvement and supplement to the standard SRv6 solution. It can support all SRv6 functions while reducing the size of the header by 4 times. In addition, it can effectively solve the problems such as high encapsulation overheads of 128bit SRv6 SID, low forwarding efficiency, and high hardware requirements for packet header processing, thereby significantly increasing the transport efficiency and strongly boosting the commercial deployment of the SRv6 technology.

The two companies are conducting follow-up tests and pilot trials of the G-SRv6 optimization solution in existing networks. These pilot trials should be complete by November 2020.