Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Verizon tests 800G long-haul with Infinera

Verizon successfully carried an 800 Gbps wavelength over its live, long-haul fiber network using equipment from Infinera.

The trial was conducted over Verizon’s live production network with a combination of industry standard fibers. The trial used Infinera’s fifth-generation coherent optical technology, ICE6 (Infinite Capacity Engine), equipped in a GX Series platform and marked the following significant industry achievements:

  • 800 Gbps single-wavelength transmission over 667 km between Nashville and Atlanta
  • 600 Gbps single-wavelength transmission over 2,283 km from Atlanta to Memphis with a loop back in Memphis
  • 400 Gbps single-wavelength transmission over 4,091 km from Atlanta to Dallas with a loop back in Dallas

“Verizon continually pursues the latest technology to provide high-speed, reliable transport solutions while meeting demanding network requirements,” said Parthiban Kandappan, chief technology officer at Infinera. “With Infinera’s ICE6 technology, Verizon successfully transmitted high-speed optical signals across substantial distances over all network fiber types. This industry-leading optical innovation coupled with flexible configurations provides a single transmission solution that enables both 800 Gbps over large portions of the network and cross-continental transmission at 400 Gbps.”

“With the evolution into more robust 5G applications and solutions, the ability to move massive amounts of data across long distances becomes even more crucial,” said Kevin Smith, Vice President of Technology Planning and Development for Verizon. “Continuing to advance the capabilities of our extensive fiber network alongside advancements in 5G technology, the Radio Access Network, and the network core will result in an unparalleled network experience for our consumer and enterprise customers.”


Verizon carries 800 Gbps wavelength

Verizon reported the transmission of 800 Gbps of data on a single wavelength over its live network.

The test showed equipment interoperability from two different suppliers and the capability to quadruple the typical capacity carried on a wavelength. The test traffic was transmitted between two Juniper Networks QFX 5220 packet platforms across two Ciena 6500 platforms powered by WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) coherent optics.

Verizon said the use of this new coherent optics and equipment from Ciena and Juniper demonstrates the evolution to a more software-driven and automated network with tunable capacity from 200Gbps to 800Gbps per wavelength.\

“In the past, we needed to combine multiple wavelengths to achieve 800 Gbps capacity,” said Kevin N. Smith, Vice President of Technology and Planning for Verizon. “Now, with the new optics configuration from Ciena and Juniper Networks on our fiber network, we are advancing our connecting layer of fiber to prepare for the explosion of data we know will come along with 5G’s transformational impact on industries and consumers. And being the only provider in the industry with that capacity on a single wavelength allows us to deliver the service at a much lower cost per bit.”