Thursday, July 9, 2020

Google Cloud activates NVIDIA Ampere GPUs

Google Cloud is now offering Accelerator-Optimized VM (A2) instance featuring the recently launched NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU. Google is the first cloud service provider to offer the new NVIDIA GPU.

For large, demanding workloads, Google Compute Engine offers customers the a2-megagpu-16g instance, which comes with 16 A100 GPUs, offering a total of 640GB of GPU memory and 1.3TB of system memory — all connected through NVSwitch with up to 9.6TB/s of aggregate bandwidth.

For those with smaller workloads, Google Compute Engine is also offering A2 VMs in smaller configurations to match specific applications’ needs.

Google Cloud announced that additional NVIDIA A100 support is coming soon to Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud AI Platform and other Google Cloud services.