Sunday, May 3, 2020

Ethernity scores design win with Tier-1 OEM

Ethernity Networks announced a second design win contract for its ENET Flow Processor technology with an existing North American tier-1 telecommunications OEM customer. Ethernity will supply its ENET Switch and Traffic Manager firmware to support performance of 200Gbps on the customer’s new xPON optical light termination (OLT) device.

Ethernity signed its first licensing deal with the customer in 2018, and following successful field deployment of that platform, the customer has now progressed to a next-generation product based on Ethernity’s advanced technology. The ENET solution will be customised to fit the customer’s new OLT platform, which, in addition to Ethernity’s ENET Flow Processor core functionality (including hierarchical traffic management, switching, and access control list), will also include Ethernity’s new 400Gbps fabric technology to allow cascading of multiple chassis to form a virtual chassis cluster.

“We are pleased to have received this new platform design win order, and we look forward to developing additional new platforms for this customer’s appliances in other vertical markets,” said Ethernity’s CEO David Levi. “This contract confirms that our extensive networking functionality offers tremendous value to the market and is an example of how we can build strong partnerships with industry leaders.”