Monday, May 18, 2020

Digital Realty to host The Shadowserver Foundation

Digital Realty's data center in Oakland, California, will support The Shadowserver Foundation, a nonprofit organization working on Internet security.

The Shadowserver Foundation collects vast amounts of threat data, sends tens of thousands of free daily remediation reports, and cultivates strong reciprocal relationships with network providers, national governments and law enforcement. The goal is to bring malicious activities and abusable vulnerabilities out of the shadows, expedite their remediation and help to better secure the Internet.

Digital Realty said its Oakland data center offers direct access to Silicon Valley and the ability to support high-density deployments, providing agility and flexibility to enable customers to meet their growing data center requirements.  With access to over 60 networks within Digital Realty's Bay Area Connected Campus, the Oakland data center is ideally positioned to help The Shadowserver Foundation streamline its data center network, providing flexibility to easily migrate its gear to a single location over time.

"Our mission as one of the world's leading resources for internet security is to equip organizations with the research and tools they need to reinforce their protection and remediation efforts," said Richard Perlotto, Director, The Shadowserver Foundation.  "Earlier this year, we began our search for a provider to host our data center, seeking a partner who offered the flexibility and expertise we need to support us as our business evolves.  With Digital Realty, we have the infrastructure we need to be able to more effectively monitor and prevent dark web and illegal activity on the internet."