Tuesday, May 26, 2020

ARM unveils its latest mobile CPUs and GPUs

Arm introduced its latest Cortex-A78 CPU, Mali-G78 and Ethos-N78 machine learning chip for next generation, 5G smartphones.

The new Arm Cortex-A78 CPU is designed for multi-day, immersive 5G experiences. It promises a 20% increase in sustained performance over Cortex-A77-based devices within a 1-watt power budget, and more efficient management of compute workloads along with greater on-device Machine Learning (ML) performance.

The Mali-G78, which will deliver a 25% increase in graphics performance relative to Mali-G77, brings support for up to 24 cores. Arm is also introducing a new sub-premium tier of GPUs. The first in this new tier is the Arm Mali-G68, which supports up to 6 cores and inherits all the latest Mali-G78 features, enabling our partners to deliver high-performance experiences to a wider audience of developers and consumers.

Arm also introduced a Cortex-X Custom program to give OEMs the option of having more flexibility and scalability for increasing performance. The Cortex-X Custom Program allows for customization and differentiation beyond the traditional roadmap of Arm Cortex products, enabling our partners with a solution for providing the ultimate performance for specific use cases. Arm Cortex-X1 is the program’s first CPU and the most powerful Cortex CPU to date. With a 30% peak performance increase over Cortex-A77, it offers an even more competitive solution for flagship smartphones and large-screen devices.