Sunday, March 22, 2020

Zain picks Huawei for SRv6-based IP transport network

Zain Group has selected Huawei to build a 5G and cloud-oriented, intelligent SRv6-based IP transport network.

Zain Group, which serves some 49.5 million mobile users across the Middle East and Africa, is currently carrying an average of 10,500 TB data per day across its footprint.

Huawei said SRv6 brings simplified network protocols, flexible programmability, slicing, simplified inter-domain transmission, and seamless support for IPv4/IPv6 services. In this way, the best-effort IP network will become an intelligent 5G transport network that can support committed SLA, meeting the most demanding service scenarios such as URLLC and VIP private lines. Zain also regards the slicing technology as one of the key capabilities for building intelligent IP networks, and plans to, in cooperation with Huawei, start the SRv6-based E2E slicing POC test in the near future. The test will confirm the feasibility and business value of the solution from the aspects of planning, design, deployment, and maintenance of network slicing, laying a foundation for further usage.

Mohammed Al Murshed, Core Networks Director, Zain Group, said "Ensuring that our users enjoy an excellent mobile experience on our state-of-the-art networks is key for Zain. SRv6, as a next-generation IP network protocol, is simpler and more suitable for building intelligent IP networks. Zain plans to deploy SRv6 and slicing ready IP networks in multiple regions in 2020, and works with Huawei to build intelligent IP networks featuring ultra broadband, committed SLA, and autonomous driving function.”