Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Turkcell completes 800G test with Huawei

Turkcell completed an 800G transmission test between two data centers in Istanbul using Huawei's equipment.

Huawei's latest processing boards offer programmable and flexible adjustment of multiple modulation formats ranging from 200G to 800G. The solution uses second-generation channel-matched shaping (CMS) technology, a Faster than Nyquist (FTN) algorithm system, and an AI neuron function module. The company claims optimal spectral efficiency and transmission performance while achieving the single-fiber capacity of 48 Tbps. The trial also confirmed the 400G ultra-long-haul transmission capacity of the live network, which can implement 1040 km of unregenerated transmission from Istanbul to Ankara.

Mr. Gediz Sezgin, CTO of Turkcell, said "We continue our infrastructure investments to strengthen our existing technology and prepare our networks for 5G for superior user experience. In 5G-era, virtual reality applications, autonomous driving, and smart cities will be mainstays in the digital area. These technologies will pave the way for generating large revenues and transform our lives at large. High-speed data-needs will be at their highest, and next- generation technologies such as remote surgery and robots will offer solutions to a wide variety of problems. We have been able to respond easily to rapidly increasing capacity needs through the 800G and 400G long-haul channels that we have deployed in our network. Turkcell will continue to lead the industry on new technologies in the future".