Sunday, March 22, 2020

Nokia intros Wi-Fi 6 mesh router

Nokia introduced its Wi-Fi 6 Beacon mesh router for whole-home WiFi connectivity.

The Beacon 6 is the first Nokia WiFi device to showcase:

  • Support for Wi-Fi 6 which improves the overall speed, performance and latency of a Wi-Fi network with OFDMA2, a modulation scheme used in 5G that allows the access point to talk to more devices at once. 
  • The Beacon 6 introduces Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh3 and is fully interoperable with 3rd party Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh products for easy install. Nokia’s new mesh controller capabilities ensure the best Wi-Fi performance is achieved in the home by managing channel selection and adding advanced interference capabilities that are unique in the market.
  • Nokia Bell Labs low-latency innovations including PI24 algorithm (available 2H20) that consistently improves latency even in congested environments. With PI2, latency is reduced from hundreds of milliseconds to 20 milliseconds which can be further reduced to <5 and="" applications="" being="" bell="" builds="" by="" can="" core="" currently="" delays="" eliminate="" experience="" gaming="" ietf5="" impact="" in="" innovations="" is="" jitters="" l4s="" labs="" li="" like="" low-latency="" milliseconds="" network.="" on="" paired="" reality.="" standardized="" that="" the="" user="" virtual="" when="" with="">
“Nokia’s new Beacon 6 will play a fundamental role in helping operators significantly enhance residential Wi-Fi and for the first time, deliver a true 5G experience across the network,” said Sandra Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia.