Thursday, February 6, 2020

Clearfield's fiber-optimized outdoor cabinet adds air conditioning option

Clearfield has added an air conditioner option to its FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinet (FAC) product line for outdoor enclosures.

The air conditioner option enables the deployment of routers, switches and other non-hardened devices in fiber-fed, outdoor cabinets closer to the end customer.

The FieldSmart FAC sizes that accommodate the air conditioner option also include the following elements:

  • FieldSmart FAC 3200 features two front and rear 16RU 23” frames that can accommodate up to 32RU of active electronics while providing up to 576 internal fiber distribution ports for deployments.
  • FieldSmart FAC 5400 features two swing frame front and rear 27RU 23” frames that can accommodate up to 54RU of active electronics and provides up to 1,152 internal fiber distribution ports for deployments.
  • FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinets are designed to accommodate the variety of standard options expected in remote cabinets, such as the rectifier system, battery warmers and field upgradeable fiber bulkheads. 

“Customers are telling us they need to place non-hardened active equipment deeper in the network requiring climate-controlled air conditioners that maintain operating temperature inside the cabinet,” said Johnny Hill, Clearfield’s chief operating officer. “The challenge our customers face is that the development times to engineer these devices so that they can be deployed in the outside plant isn’t feasible if they want to take early advantage of market demand. By adding this feature to our FACs, we’re solving that problem for them, with the added benefit of having one partner that’s able to work with them on any deployment.”