Monday, October 28, 2019

Zayo signs its largest capacity wavelengths deal

Zayo signed a deal for the largest amount of capacity sold on any route in a single deal in the company’s history. The customer's name was not disclosed.

The deal covers approximately 5 Tbps of capacity to connect key data centers.

“Our customers are no longer talking gigabits -- they’re talking terabits on multiple diverse routes,” said Julia Robin, senior vice president of Transport at Zayo. “Zayo’s owned infrastructure, scalable capacity on unique routes and ability to turn up services quickly positions us to be the provider of choice for high-capacity infrastructure.”

Zayo noted that its extensive wavelength network provides dedicated bandwidth to major data centers, carrier hotels, cable landing stations and enterprise locations across its own long-haul and metro networks. Zayo continues to invest in the network, adding new routes and optronics to eliminate local stops, reduce the distance between essential markets and minimize regeneration points. Options include express, ultra-low and low-latency routes and private dedicated networks.