Thursday, October 10, 2019

OVH marks its 20th anniversary with focus on cloud ambitions

OVH Group, the largest European hosting provider, marked its 20th anniversary and outlined its ambition is to offer a European alternative in the cloud market.

The company is adopting "OVHcloud" as its new branding. More than 70 percent of its revenue is focused on cloud solutions.

"OVH started 20 years ago with the beginnings of service virtualisation (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and others). Today, we call this the cloud, and we want our brand to reflect this reality around the world," explains Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud.

OVHcloud's DNA is firmly retaining its core values: openness, to usher in the emergence of an ecosystem based on respect for data. OVHcloud continues to defend its vision of a SMART cloud: simple to implement, multi-local, accessible and predictable, reversible and open and finally, transparent. Faced with the challenges posed by the Cloud Act, OVHcloud offers solutions that are trustworthy and respectful of European values. It promotes an open and truly reversible cloud, where all customers are free to choose a way of managing their data that suits their business challenges.