Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier launches Encrypted Lambda Service

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, in collaboration with Ciena, has developed a new Encrypted Lambda service that encrypts data on hardware located at the client’s site and protects it over Layer 1.

Stuart Evers, Vice President, Access & Transport Management, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, explained: “Our Encrypted Lambda solution is truly an innovation. Other providers use traditional methods, which are software based over Layer 3 or 4. That makes encryption CPU intensive, slower and expensive. Because utilizing software requires more servers, adds latency and needs superior set-up and management capabilities.”

Jamie Jefferies, Ciena’s Vice President & General Manager of Europe said: “Data security remains more crucial than ever for businesses around the globe. With Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption solution, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier can deliver always-on, proven inflight encryption combined with market-leading performance to its customers whereever they need it.”