Sunday, October 27, 2019

Champion ONE launches 200G and 400G transceivers

Champion ONE announced the general availability of a new line of 200G and 400G optical transceivers.

Champion ONE’s initial portfolio includes 200G transceivers in double density QSFP (QSFP-DD) and CFP2 form factors, as well as 400G transceivers in QSFP-DD and octal SFP (OSFP) formats. While QSFP-DD offers higher port density and better backward compatibility with 100G transceivers, OSFP is believed to offer a better path to 800G and beyond.

“The rapid growth of internet traffic is requiring data centers and service providers to deploy higher capacity circuits rapidly,” said Tim Yanda, Director of Engineering and Product Development. “400G optical transceivers will pay a key role in helping service providers and data centers to achieve their goals. We’ve listened to our customers in these industries, and are excited to lead the way on 400G transceivers.”

These new products extend Champion ONE’s existing line of Passport universally compatible transceivers. They are built in compliance with their respective multi-source agreements.