Monday, October 14, 2019

Broadcom intros 3x3 Wi-Fi 6 chip

Broadcom began sampling a 3x3 Wi-Fi 6 chip designed for WLAN applications including Wi-Fi routers, residential gateways, wireless range extenders, and set-top boxes. The device is the first 3x3 Wi-Fi 6 solution supporting three transmit and three receive streams in 2.4-GHz, 5-GHz and future 6-GHz bands. With the 6-GHz Wi-Fi capability, the chip paves the way for high-bandwidth, low-latency applications, such as 4K UHD video streaming, real-time immersive gaming, and augmented reality (AR).

BCM6710 Product Highlights

  • Full compliance to IEEE and WFA 802.11ax specifications
  • 3 Tx and 3 Rx chains
  • Selective 2.4-GHz, 5-GHz, or 6-GHz band operation
  • 1024 QAM modulation
  • Uplink & downlink OFDMA

“A year ago Broadcom announced the production launch of BCM43684 – its flagship 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 radio for residential gateways and access points. Following that Broadcom has announced and delivered multiple SoCs with one or two 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 radios integrated,” said Greg Fischer, senior vice president and general manager of the Broadband Carrier Access Products Division at Broadcom. “With the addition of BCM6710 to the portfolio, Broadcom allows customers to build a diverse set of high-performance Wi-Fi 6 products, which are optimized for both cost and form factor.”