Monday, September 2, 2019

Embracing MEF LSO APIs for Better, Automated Customer Experience

MEF Annual Meeting – July 2019, Shawn Hakl, SVP of Business Products, Verizon, shares his excitement about MEF’s work in standardizing LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) that enable end-to-end orchestration of services across service providers and over multiple network technology domains. He is particularly excited about the potential impact of LSO Sonata API adoption for inter-provider service automation.

“We just came out of a pretty exciting Board Meeting about the progression of LSO standards at MEF. I think people should be really excited about what’s coming. I think there’s a lot more clarity on the use cases and how carriers will adopt this technology and how it will meaningfully impact our customers.”

“Where the network orchestration component comes in is how what was previously done manually or with physical settings in the equipment can now be done through automation. Network orchestration is the technology that will allow us to integrate functions and deliver outcomes through the network. And it allows for interoperability of functions between each other – the interoperability between carriers – and really builds the basis for what our customers are asking for:  a fully automated experience controlled through a software-based implementation.”

“So, what’s exciting about the work with LSO Sonata is that you’ve actually seen multiple carriers implement it…What we all recognize as an industry is that if we continue to have to invest in automation between functions at an individual, piece-by-piece fashion for every function and every NFV it is going to be incredibly inefficient and get in way of the experience.”

“Now, really there is a compelling case for the carriers to standardize the implementation across the board and drive a lot of value for our customers.”

To learn more about MEF LSO Sonata APIs for inter-provider service automation, download this FAQ document:

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