Wednesday, August 28, 2019

MEF LSO APIs critical to enabling on-demand services across providers

MEF Annual Meeting – July/August 2019, Daniele Mancuso, EVP, ICT Engineering, Sparkle, shares his perspective on how the global communications service provider is leveraging MEF LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) to accelerate go-to-market plans for digital services. He spotlights the importance of LSO APIs not only for service automation within a service provider network, but also for orchestration of dynamic services across an ecosystem of interconnected, automated networks envisioned in the MEF 3.0 global services framework.

“Sparkle has been pioneering in that field by implementing one of the early solutions for LSO - specifically for service orchestration - by tackling a specific use case of bandwidth on demand. Today, we are already at the second wave of the implementation. We are redesigning everything from scratch and taking advantage of the very recent release of our new BSS platform that allows us to unify completely the CRM, the catalog of services and products of the company all over our subsidiaries around the world.”

“The LSO concept will allow us to be faster in realizing and putting on the market new digital services, not just pure connectivity services, but something that will use connectivity as a commodity – so everything on-demand, everything as a service, everything in an ecosystem of partners. Because, today we need to think of about our network not taking into account the physical boundaries of the Sparkle network, but considering an interconnection of multiple clouds where any partner taking part in the ecosystem can request an order of a connectivity service or whatever other service that can be realized through the Sparkle network, whether the destination point is residing within our boundaries or we also need to ask for the support of another service provider. In this scenario, LSO – together with the east-west API interconnection points – is a critical element because it’s basically the key and the core of the creation of this ecosystem of interconnected partners.”

To learn more about MEF LSO Sonata APIs for inter-provider service automation, download this FAQ document:

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