Thursday, August 15, 2019

FirstNet delivers fleet management for public safety agencies

FirstNet is now offering a fully-integrated solution that provides public safety agencies with near real-time insights into critical fleet and in-field first responder activities. The capabity enables increased situational awareness, efficiency and safety for first responders and public safety fleets.

"Fleet Complete for FirstNet" consists of a FirstNet Ready Cradlepoint device that can take advantage of Band 14 and two FirstNet Certified apps now in the FirstNet App Catalog: Fleet Complete Mobile and Fleet Complete Dispatch. The solution provides post-install support, maintenance and fault code modules, as well as detailed reporting for historical data records. Once installed, public safety agency administrators can remotely track vehicles in the field, run engine diagnostics, get crash notifications, and check sensors to monitor maintenance needs, fuel consumption and more.

"The FirstNet platform has an incredible capacity to get help to people who need it when they need it," said Chris Penrose, President, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T.  "Think of the ability to quickly dispatch police cars and ambulances to the scene or get nearly instantaneous insight if a school bus breaks down. With this collaboration, first responders get a holistic solution that helps them stay better connected to their workers and vehicles while keeping us all safer."

"We are proud to work with FirstNet to provide industry-leading tools like in-vehicle fleet solutions, which allow public safety to capture critical information," says Tony Lourakis, founder and CEO of Fleet Complete. "Our first responder customers will get a holistic telematics platform that operates on FirstNet and helps ensure a robust GPS-reporting system for operations that could ultimately save lives."